Thursday, September 11, 2014

Golf, The Intellectual Pastime.

Thanks to all you golf haters. All you stereotype golf believers. And, those of you High School Jocks that argue golf is not a physical sport. To you I reply, "You are correct!" I most definitely agree that golf is not a physical sport. I have no problem admitting to that. I can and will say it to your face. However, I beg to differ that golfers are not athletic. The New Oxford American Dictionary defines an athlete as a person who is proficient in sports and other forms of physical exercise. Good golfers are proficient in their sport.

As a golfer you are so much more important than those "Physical" Football, Baseball, and Basketball players. Golf is an original sport, that is why so many "Jocks" cannot hit a driver sixty yards when us golfers can hit them three-hundred plus. Golf is the only sport in which one hits a non-moving ball. Because of this, beginner golfers can not make contact with a golfball, and therefore hitting it a decent distance is nearly impossible.

Being able to hit a ball that is not in motion requires fantastic hand-eye coordination. Don't get me wrong, other sports require hand-eye coordination. Though, golf is the sport that most requires this skill. 75% of coordination skills have nothing to do with physical strength. In fact, golf is not about how big, or even how strong you are. It is all about technique. Technique has nothing to do with physical strength, and that is why professional golfers come in all shapes, sizes, and even ages.

Courtesy of PGA
Aside from technique, mental endurance is the biggest part of golf. The unofficial golf definition of mental endurance is being able to think positive about your game. Which at sometimes can be hard. It requires one to forget their crapy last shot and focus on the next. This type of endurance I can positively say is not needed in any other sport, but golf. If you cannot control your mental endurance, golf is going to be a tough sport. It is safe to say that every golfer at the start of their career had some problems with mental endurance. This includes, but is not limited to the pro's, like Rory Mcilroy. Mental endurance cannot be fully overcome, professionals and amateurs do their best to not let one shot ruin their round. Though sometimes, it can.

Golf haters and Jocks, next time you think about calling golf an easy sport, telling a golfer they are not athletes, or accusing them of not being physical. Think again, because I'll bet golf is a harder sport than the one you play.