Monday, December 8, 2014

A Beginners Guide to Golf (For Extremely Dumb Beginners)

Many will select different ways to teach you the sport of golf. There are many different "methods" to the game. However, I have come up with a GREAT beginners guide to golf.

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Golf is a mental sport as previously mentioned, though that isn't going to be a barrier to a beginning golfer. The first thing that a starting golfer needs to obtain is a bag of clubs. This can be done in a number of ways however, I recommend borrowing clubs from a family member or friend. Next, receive a tee time. Call a local golf course and schedule a time that is available. You are ready to golf!

The starting hole. At the start I would encourage you to begin at the Womens Tee's. Take your driver, the club with the largest head. Swing and hit the ball, this could require some practice at the driving range previous to your round. You proceed to walk or drive a cart up to your ball and hit again until you reach the green where the hole and flag are. Finally, use your putter to put the ball into the cup. Or if you get frustrated use your hand and carefully roll it into the hole.

The game sounds fairly simple until you start throwing in the many complicated rules. Though there are so many, here are a few. If you hit a ball to where you can't hit it again, just pick it up and drop it. You now are ready for golf.

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