Wednesday, October 22, 2014

A Dummies Guide To Ruining Golf

Image Courtesy Barnes and Noble
Have you ever wanted to just ruin golf forever? Do you have a buddy at work that just won't shut up about their favorite player. Sorry, you have already been beaten to the task. There are three things that you can do to make your golf "buddies" absolutely hate golf. This is The Dummies Guide to Ruining The Game of Golf.

As previously mentioned, there are three main ways to ruin golf. The first of which I ran into while re- watching a few tournaments on youtube.

Where we swing, they run. While we carry on our backs, they carry in their hands. While we putt, they roll. This is foot golf. Foot Golf is one of the larger sports that diffused from golf. It certainly ruined the game. Golf was not meant to be a soccer mix. In soccer golf they have ruined the course, rules, and regulation. To start this madness off, Foot Golf made the cup fifteen inches in diameter. They shortened the course and the distance from the tee box to the green. Next, they completely ruined the rules of golf. Foot Golf is just plain out stupid. For those of you looking to ruin the sport of golf start to being an advocate of this new "sport". However, this is not the worst way to ruin golf. By changing one tiny thing you can eliminate almost half of all golfers.

To really ruin golf, go to your local golf course and change the hole size from approximately 2.5 inches to 1.5. This will ensure that your buddy shuts up about golf. He'll never want to golf again. You will completely reverse the purpose of golf. Instead of golf being a stress relief sport. Golf will be a stress gaining sport. You can create a sport that is so frustrating no one will play. This will truly ruin golf for everyone.  The next sport that diffused won't ruin golf for many. However, it does and did ruin golf none the less.

Frisbee golf is a popular sport all around the world. It is especially popular because it is less expensive than golf and fairly easier. This sport does ruin golf. Golf was not meant to be played with a disc. Golf was not invented to be thrown into a metal basket. Sometimes even popular sports ruin their original hearth.

These have just been a few ways that golf can be ruined. Again, it is supposed to be easy to understand. After all, it is for dummies. Please, if you have any other ways to ruin golf, leave a comment. I will have a future blog that is a sequel to A Dummies Guide To Ruining Golf. It will include your guys comments. Make them good!

The Prodigy: Odyssey

When it hit, a bolt of excitement conjured within me. It had been my first time using it. It performed with ease. The swift motion left me gazing. I could not take my eyes of it.  I sat there staring until the sound of a ball hopping into a cup broke my gaze. The first time I had ever used this and I was already in love. Despite the feeling I had just experienced, I decided to proceed testing a variety of different putters. No putter had the specific qualities that I had found previously in the Odyssey Versa 7. 
Image Courtesy: Odyssey

The Odyssey Versa 7 looks amazing! However, it performs well above outstanding. Phil MickelsonPatrick Reed, Henrik Stenson and Thomas Bjorn all use or have used the Versa 7 on tour. There is no question why so many PGA Professionals use this putter.
I have had this putter for almost a year, it still looks and performs as well as it did the first day I got it. I love this putter for multiple reasons. One of which is price. This putter can be bought for a fairly inexpensive price on eBay. The control that one finds is spectacular. I put a new and larger grip on the shaft to ensure that I had complete control. Another key trait that I very much like about the Odyssey Versa 7 is that the mallet is not to heavy and is completely balanced. 

I strongly recommend this putter. It is affordable and you definitely get what you pay for. Wether you are a rookie amateur or pro, this putter suits all.  

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Golf, An Unceasing Quarrel

It appears to me that dialog between golfers about golf, always results in an argument. Wether that conversation is on the course, at school, or over the phone; this claim stands. Some of the many arguments that golfers quarrel about include the following, though are not limited to. Best player on tour, disagreement of scores, arguments over strokes, determining where to drop, convincing a employer to hire you, debating a winner, and determining the closest shot. Despite these many disagreements there is one in particular that catches my attention. This topic has not yet been mentioned. Often, I find myself carried away in this discussion with a close friend, author of The Daily Drive. These debates or arguments if you will, last us hours and sometimes even weeks. It is a disagreement that has not yet been resolved and continues to be mentioned every time we golf together. 

Who has the greatest clubs? The most accurate balls? The best back spin on their wedges? Which of the many golf companies is the best. Though modern golf robots can prove these questions, it has not yet been done. There is no official best golf brand, however all players have their opinion. While some companies have greater evidence of being the best, others do not. Narrowing these companies down we reveal the five most popular companies in golf. These same companies that are candidates for best golf brand. First, we start with Nike.

Image Courtesy of TaylorMade
Though their past clubs have not been the greatest, Nike golf is coming back with their new Covert set of irons and driver. Not particularly the most affordable clubs in golf. And certainly their first attempt with the covert will not put them at the top of the list. Unlike Nike’s comeback, a company that has had their line of clubs flying off the shelves since the day they were released is 

Many argue that Titleist is the number one company in golf. However, the problem with Titleist is that since their last release of clubs and balls they have not been able to put a better product out on the market. They have reached the best design. A great example of this concept is the ProV1. Some argue that this is good and others, that it is bad. Not having any releases since their perfected technology means that price does not drop dramatically and Titleist, like Nike, is does not have the most affordable clubs. Who does?

 TaylorMade allows the best “bang for your buck.” In 2013 and 2014 they have released several new models. Which some may say is bad, though they were all in a couple months of each other. This means if you were to go back two releases from their newest model, the technology is fairly the same. However, the price decreases dramatically. Therefore, with good price and amazing design TaylorMade has a high chance for being number one on the list. Another candidate and competitor of TaylorMade and Titleist is Ping. 
Image Courtesy of Titleist Golf

Ping was in the same boat as Titleist. They had perfected their design and were working on releasing a new one. Now they have. With the release of the G-30, the G-25 like TaylorMade’s clubs has decreased in value. The G-30 is a superb club as well as the G-25. Ping definitely has a chance in the number one spot. Finally, we come to Callaway. 

Callaway has a line of great clubs. Their new Big Bertha is a big hit. Though, is it big enough to make it to the top? 

With research I formed this list. From the start are the best and towards the end are not as good. TaylorMade is first on the list. Next is Titleist, and following is Ping. In fourth Callaway, and surprise surprise Nike is in last (they make clothes and shoes, not clubs).

Here’s a challenge. Next time you golf, try not to argue about anything. Finally, What companies are in your list, and who's your favorite?