Thursday, February 5, 2015

Tis The Season

Original Golf Course Name. Good Job Stone Bridge.
I had the opportunity last weekend to play the Stone Bridge course in Salt Lake City, Utah. Was it a success? You tell me. I haven't been able to play or even swing since early last November when the courses started closing down. That, is DEFINITELY NOT MY FAULT (extreme sarcasm). At the time, I was done with golf. School had officially started and balancing academics and athletics was not the easiest. Anyway, that story is for another day. My Stone Bridge experience was interesting. To start off, I would like to ask why name a course "Stone Bridge"?! I mean there was a small fake stone bridge, though every time I thought of stone bridge I found myself thinking BridgeStone golf. Which to me is not the most appealing. Despite the problem that I had with the name, the course was decent.

I actually really did like the layout of the course. The only complaint that I had
was that it was not designed for a fade. Though this may just be me not being able to play my fade. Also, my fade wasn't even a fade. Stating that my all my shots faded would be a complete understatement. Calling them cuts would also be a complete understatement. In the words of my uncle "It's not a fade, it is NOT even a cut. You are just playing crappy golf!!!!" So this was the support that I received during the whole round of golf.

The course was in exceptionally good condition considering the circumstances. The greens were great! The fairways were a little bit muddy and wet in some areas. However, this was minimal and was only encountered on parts a few holes. When all said and done, I did not shoot a good score. Perhaps the best score of the year, though not good. I shot 48 on the back and 53 on the front. When considering the conditions and when I last played, I guess 101 is not that bad of a score.

When was the last time that you played? Whats your best score in 2015? Leave a comment, and please help me with ideas!