Sunday, May 10, 2015

Bears and Golf?

This past week has been an interesting one for Park City Utah. Extremely interesting! It all started around Monday of last week in Jeremy Ranch. A black bear was spotted in the area.  There happens to be a golf course right there in Jeremy Ranch. Therefore the chances that this bear went for a stroll at night or during the day on the course are very likely.

Image Courtesy: KSL 
The story of this two year old black bear just gets better and better. Tuesday the bear had disappeared and all seemed well until Wednesday when another report of the bear came into police. Park City schools were under lock down as police searched for the black bear. Though it was never found, you will never guess where the black bear was spotted at first. The black bear was spotted in Park Meadows! This doesn't have any relevance unless you live in Park City. Coincidentally, Park Meadows also has a golf course. And it turned out that the bear was sited near the course. I'm just guessing that this bear had walked the course as well.

As of Thursday the bear was gone. Though the DWR set traps to catch and relocate the black bear. I do not believe that we should call it a black bear anymore. I think we call it the "course bear". The course bear has disappeared. And though the DWR is asking where he has gone. I think the real question is where is the nearest course. I wonder which course the course bear will choose next.

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