Sunday, May 10, 2015

Olympic Golf

The Course Layout: Image Courtesy French Creek Golf
It is official and it has been for a while. Golf will be a sport in the 2016 Summer Olympics. This is pretty cool for golf fans everywhere.

Has golf ever been in any of the Olympics? The answer is yes. Though most and even the best golf historians will tell you it has not. This is not true. In the Summer Olympics of 1900, held in Paris France, golf was apart of the Olympics. It is true that since then golf has been excluded from all the other Olympics, until this next year. Rio De Janeiro has planned and constructed a course for the games. The course looks decent. I do not know how the professionals will react to it, but I believe they are just happy to be playing. Despite condition, I am ready for it to open and be played. I am very excited to see players from all different countries doing so.

Got a Little Ways to Go: Image Courtesy Golf Digest
I have heard from many people that as soon as an activity is entered into the Olympics, it is an official sport. So, Mr. Parker, there you have it. Golf beginning the summer of next year will be an official sport. Oh wait, silly me, it has been for the past 115 years thanks to Paris. I can wait a year for all of those golf haters to see it reoccur in Brazil.

This "new"sport brings many questions into my mind. What made Brazil want to bring golf back into the Olympics? Also, why has it taken 115 years to reenter golf into the Summer Olympics? How will countries compete?

Getting Closer: Image Courtesy Inside Golf
If you have any other questions please comment them. If you know any of the answers to mine, please answer them also in the comment section.

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