Sunday, May 10, 2015

The Final Post

You are going to miss this. Am I?
I will be quite straight forward with you throughout this post. I was not at all excited to start this project for my English class. However, Mr. Parker, through writing almost a whole school year; I have come to the conclusion that my statement at the beginning of the school year was correct. To be perfectly honest, I have not really enjoyed writing blogs. To also be honest, writing this post does not quite sadden me. Really I am pretty happy.

Despite this fact, I have changed a ton throughout this blog. Though I may have not liked the assignment it does not mean that it did not shape me as a person or as a writer. Don't get me wrong, I love creative writing and that is exactly what this is. However, through this project I came to the realization that writing creatively about a specific subject is extremely hard and yet extremely fun. I have noticed a definite change in my writing and in my tone. It is interesting how not only a person can change and develop, but their writing can as well.

You may be wondering how this post has anything to do with golf. By you I mean me, because frankly I feel like I am my only viewer. So to all of you who want to understand what this has to do with golf, I am here to tell you. I started blogging in September of last year. For those of you that do not understand the golf season, that was about the beginning. Not only has my writing experienced a change but so has my golf game. Last year I averaged around a 50 on nine holes and a 100 on 18. This year, I have been averaging around 45 on nine and 90 on 18. It may not be a huge differences but it is a change. And a change for the better.

Thank you (me) for allowing me the opportunity to blabber on about golf for give or take 7 months. I really appreciate your (my) support and patients. Again, though I did and do not particularly care for the blog that I have been writing on for the past seven months. I do care for the things that it has taught me. It has taught me how to be a better golfer, how to be a perfect procrastinator, and also a really amazing advice giver. Seriously, I have changed a lot. This blog has helped me see that.

Thanks y'all for the ride,

"Turn out the lights. The party's over"

- JT

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