Friday, May 8, 2015

Is Practicing Bad?

It is interesting to note that Monday I shot 46. It is also notable that I practiced three days after that. However, when the next Monday came, I shot 56. Now, did my practicing degrade my game? Is practicing bad?

Practicing is not bad. Practicing is most essential to your golf game. You cannot do well in the game without practicing. I figured this out. What did I do differently Monday, that I did not do the next Monday? This is the question I asked myself over and over again. I have only came to conclusions. These two conclusions have allowed me to understand how you can add or subtract ten strokes.

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Don't let your first tee shot do this to you.
First: On Monday I warmed up. I took 45 minutes before my round to warm up. I took a wedge, iron, putter, and finally my driver. I spent about ten minutes on each club and then spent the last five minutes on whatever I did the worst. Then I headed out and played decently. In contrast, the next Monday I teed up not having shot any practice shots and cut it far right. This put me in a bad state of mind and the game got to my head. I couldn't believe myself. I let my first shot control the rest of my game. This is something I need to let go of, but often I cannot help it.

Second: On Monday my mind was in the game. What does it mean to have "your mind in the game?" This is simple. You need to have your mind focused on golf. When playing your round you need to let go of all other thoughts and focus on every shot. Make every shot count, and "keep your mind in the game." The following Monday my mind was far from the game. I couldn't think about my shots. And frankly I did not care how I played. I needed to though. It is not that having other thoughts is bad in any way, because they are not. You just need to balance them with golf, or just not plan on shooting well.

In conclusion, if you want to add ten strokes to your game then I have the perfect solution. I recommend you go to the course without practicing for a week. Next get your head out of the game. Don't focus on your shots, and think about all the other things happening in your life. Some of your thoughts
should include friends, school, and work. I guarantee you you will play terrible!

Good luck!

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