Friday, March 27, 2015

The Most Essential Element of Golf?

All professional golfers understand the most important part of golf. Though, what is the most important element of golf? I have a specific element of golf that I believe is the most important. However, I really am curious as to if this belief is the same that professionals believe.

I believe that your short game is the most essential part of golf. Chipping and putting are where strokes are added on or taken off. I can see some golfers believing that your tee shots are the most essential. However, I find you need to be better at putting than hitting a good tee shot. I find short game interesting. For beginner golfers, short game is probably the easiest part of golfing. Putting is basic and I can guarantee that every person on the earth can putt. Putting alone is easy, though having the ability to putt with precision is difficult. Chipping is a bit harder than putting, but can still be easily developed within an hour of practicing. Just the same as putting, being able to chip is easy, but being capable of chipping with accuracy can be hard. 

First Method
There are multiple ways that you can turn your putting from lucky to precise. I first, will start by explaining ways that putting can be improved. First, I recommend when practicing putting you make every shot count. Take your time, imaging that you were actually playing in a tournament. This way you literally practice how you play and play how you practice. Second, I would suggest a few "drills." The first of which is a simply drill in which six tees are evenly spaced and placed about four to six feet from the hole. Once this is done go in a counter-clockwise direction making every putt until you get back to where you started. The second drill that can be done is by using two alignment rods. Align the rods making a "railroad track" that your putter is going to "ride." Make sure that these are aligning your putter head directly to the hole. Next place a mark down where your ball will be and one in front to where you will follow through to. Start by backing up to and hitting the tee while staying inside the alignment rods. flow through while keeping in them to the marker closest to the hole. This will help you get a feel for a perfect putt. This drill can be used to practice lag puts and also to practice your short puts. Using the railroad tracks will insure a straight putt. Finally, to improve your putting you should be putting in a sufficient amount of time into practicing your putting. A sufficient amount of time depends on the person. Typically for me, I tend to spend fifteen minutes per every hour on my putting. This goal can be accomplished all at once, or in five five minute increments.
Second Method
Do you agree that your short game is the most essential element of golf? If not, which do you think is? 

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