Thursday, March 26, 2015

Learning to Cope With Annoyance

Have you ever been over on the range with a group of men and women. All of you are practicing and getting ready to go out and play a round. Everyone is respectful and courteous of everyone around them. People mind their manners and keep a quiet profile. All is well, until two people walk onto the range and start to enjoy a conversation that they seem to want everyone to hear. These two can't stop laughing out loud and they are getting on everyones nerves. Your tee time finally comes and you think all is well. You have warmed up, and now you are able to get away from those people that just did not seem to stop annoying you. Though just as you thought it was beginning to get better, things took a turn for the worst. These two people are now playing on your tee time with you. Several questions are racing through your head. The most distinct question is what to do and how to handle this situation?

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This situation may happen. It may not be this extreme, but it is guaranteed that eventually you will play or practice with an annoying golfer(s). There are several approaches to dealing with annoyance. The first of which is the polite way. This method is one in which you physically approach the two people and kindly ask them to stop. You explain that you and others around you would appreciate it if they could keep it down. If you are more of a shy person, this approach could be hard. Use it as a way to build your confidence and conquer your fear.

The second technique to coping with annoyance is to ignore it. Let this be a distraction, let it make you mad. Let these people bug you. If done correctly this approach will build your mental endurance and strengthen your ability to ignore distractions. All golfers could use help with this part of their game. Distractions in golf are not good things to have and by ignoring this one, you are doing yourself a favor and building up your tolerance level.

The third and last approach that I would recommend, is to just ignore everyone. This can be done in a number of ways, though I find that the easiest way to ignore everyone is to plug in headphones and listen to music. This allows for you to be completely oblivious to what is going on around you.

In conclusion, avoid being the golfer that annoys everyone. Mind your manners and be courteous. Know and understand the rules and etiquette of golf and you will have an easy time not being the annoying golfer/golf pro that everyone hates.

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