Thursday, March 26, 2015

Follow Up

I have lately received a question repeatedly. I felt that I had cover this question though now reflecting on my past blogs, I found that I have not answered this question fully.

Image Courtesy PCHS: Boys State
Golf  Team
"Is golf fun?" Such a simple question. Though this is short answer, there is more depth in it. Yes, golf is extremely fun. However, it is not just fun because you get to hit a ball. That is boring. There are certain things that you come, as a golfer, to enjoy about the game. People enjoy golf for multiple reasons, though some of the reasons that I really enjoy golf are as follows. Obviously when you have a really good shot, it makes you feel successful and it also helps you to realize that practice does actually pay off in the long run. I have also come to love playing in the evening and walking the course as the sun sets. This really gets me in a good mood and the views that are seen from holes on The Jeremy Ranch golf course are amazing. I usually golf around six on the weekends and it extremely fun. Another aspect of golf that fun, is when you are golfing with friends and or team mates. Golf you could say is a social sport. It allows for conversation. I enjoy playing golf with my friends and being able to talk and play is a ton of fun.

Though I have mentioned a few things that make golf a fun sport there is one part about golf that really makes it the most enjoyable for me. I have not yet mention it, though it deals with golfing with people and more specifically friends. Some of my best friends are my siblings and parents. I really do find that my best memories golfing, have been with them. When we are all together and out on the course I never have had such a great time. Playing golf with my family is what I golf for. It makes golf worth it. So, yes golf is fun. If you want to have an enjoyable time out on the course, I recommend you grab a friend or family member and head out. Enjoy!

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